Electrochemical Water disinfection

In the electrochemical Water disinfection get the chemical agent produced through special electrodes. The used compound is table salt (sodium chloride).

The active principle is the formation of hydrochloric acid through sodium chloride.

"Free Chlorine"

In the first step get formed free chlorine through water and chloride-Ions.

2 Cl- → Cl2 + 2 e-

The free chlorine hydrolyzed in water and hydrochloric acid is formed.

Cl2 + H2O → HClO + HCl

The disinfection principle of hydrochloric acid and hydrochloride is based on the transfer of atomic oxygen.

HClO → O + Cl- + H+ ClO- → O + Cl-

In a primary electrochemical reaction get chlorine formed through chloride-Ions. After the disinfection effect get the chlorine back to the chloride-Ion. The chemical compound of the water is not changed.